A Cybersecurity guide for small and medium businesses (SMBs)

Until recent years, cybersecurity for SMBs wasn’t seen as a big problem. It’s because they didn’t have much to lose, whether it’s capital, IP wealth, critical data or information.
However, with time, the cybersecurity landscape has changed, with cybercriminals attacking businesses, irrespective of their sizes. And today, if an SMB thinks that it is not vulnerable because it’s a small fish in the sea, it’s highly mistaken.
Cybercriminals are increasingly shifting their focus on the small players because the large businesses are investing significantly in cybersecurity and are not leaving any stone unturned to prevent cyber-attacks on them.
Alarming small business cyber security statistics:
  • Cyberattacks against SMBs increased from 61% in 2017 to 67% in 2018.
  • Data breach incidents increased from 54% to 58%.
  • The ransomware attacks against SMBs increased from just 2% in 2016 to 52% in 2017.
These statistics show that cybersecurity for SMBs needs to be paid attention. While many SMBs are adopting various security practices, plenty of them are yet to catch up.
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