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Report by DSCI-PwC
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Buckle up because the coming years are going to be quite a ride for the service providers that sell cybersecurity tools. A new report by DSCI-PwC has declared that “there are tangible opportunities for MSP cybersecurity.” We couldn’t agree more.
There will be tremendous opportunities for those who are clever enough to act quickly and be flexible.
MSPs that haven’t already done so can create a responsibility for themselves as “traffic police,” by keeping clients and hackers out of each other’s lanes. The opportunities are going to be huge for selling additional security products and services to clients.
According to the DSCI-PwC Report, the cybersecurity market in India is estimated to reach USD 3.05 billion by 2022. This is growing year over year – faster than anywhere in the world.
The report gives a detailed insight into:
  • India’s cybersecurity market and the ongoing growth of cybersecurity tools.
  • The technological capabilities, go-to-market strategies, and potential they hold for the future.
We have analyzed the report, the impact cybersecurity threat landscape has on different sectors and its growth year over year.
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