Addressing Cyber Protection and Data Protection Holistically

Whitepaper by IDC
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IDC research shows that 93% of organizations have been attacked within the past three years — and that the other 7% of organizations are simply unaware of it. Moreover, nearly half of organizations have suffered at least one unrecoverable data event within the past three years.
Cybersecurity threats are among the highest concerns of IT managers and organizational executives alike because security incidents and data breaches can result in reputational loss, direct economic loss, and regulatory sanctions.
Acronis is among the tech vendors at the forefront of developing cyber protection solutions that integrate data protection and cybersecurity capabilities. The Acronis cyber protection platform includes a worldwide network of cloud datacenters capable of offering backup as a service (BaaS) for customers and service provider partners as well as on-premises backup. This solution is designed to cover servers, virtual machines, traditional applications, cloud-native applications, edge and mobile devices, and any combination thereof.
Acronis integrates its so-called “five vectors of SAPAS” across its product lineup:
1. Safety – A reliable copy of the data is always available.
2. Accessibility – Protected data is available anywhere, anytime.
3. Privacy – Access to and visibility of data is restricted to authorized parties.
4. Authenticity – Data copies can be proven to be exact replicas of the originals.
5. Security – Data is protected against threats and malicious agents.
Read the complete report to understand why taking stock of existing defenses and processes is paramount in the world of digital transformation (DX) today.